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Shoes benches are most often found beside the main front or back door. Their basic role is to provide a seating area for when a person desires to take off or put on outside footwear as well as for the organisation of shoes and boots. The porch is an ideal location and allows for sometimes muddy shoes to be taken off comfortably before entering the main house where carpets and wooden flooring might otherwise be stained or damaged. There are five different types of shoe bench.

The first is the basic shoe bench which is backless and has a single flat seating platform, rather like a typical garden bench but smaller. Its narrow shape and petite size means it fits in well with the porch or hallway area interior without getting in the way of entry and exit. These basic shoe benches are usually made from pine wood and are relatively inexpensive.

Next come the shoe storage benches which often appear to look like chests. Footwear storage is provided beneath the seating area for compact organisation. This style of shoe bench often has a deep width which means it is unsuitable for narrow hallways. Most benches of this style will be able to fit up to a dozen pairs of shoes. If you like to keep an area minimalistic in nature and thus your shoe-ware out of sight, then this type will be most beneficial.

Another version of the shoe bench is one with sliding and/or fixed shelving beneath the seating area. Rather like the shoe bench chests, the open shelving plan of this style provides a furniture apparatus that aids with organisation of footwear. Most shelving in this format have a small lip at the back preventing shoes from falling tipping over into the gap between the shoe bench and the wall.

The most impressive and expensive type is the Mission storage shoe bench. These large structures incorporate a variety of styles, fixtures and accessories which include coat hooks, mirrors, shelving above the bench and even cupboard space. Two dozen items of footwear can often be fitted into these types of shoe bench storage giants. As one would expect, a large hallway, porch or entry room is required for this design. They are often intricately carved and very appealing to the eye.

The final type of shoe bench is one you might prefer to place in a garage, kitchen or home gym room. The sports storage shoe bench is ideal for the placement of sport shoes, riding boots and other related footwear. Many come built with an open cage construction which allows shoes to air and dry out after a long sweaty workout or upon return from a rainy jogging session. These types of shoe bench are not usually designed with aesthetic qualities in mind.

Of course, shoe benches don’t have to be for the sole use of shoes and other footwear. They can also be great places to store towels, blankets and other bits and pieces if located in a bedroom or even a dining room. The look of the furniture piece will give you further ideas for possible uses and settings.

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