This beautiful Harbor View wardrobe from Sauder is a fine example of how bedroom storage furniture can be both functional and pleasing in a decorative sense. It’s solid yet graceful and comes in a choice of two tones (dark brown or white) depending on your existing décor scheme. Each tonal choice has been given an antiquated distressed look which harks back to an older decorative style of armoires found in country cottages and rural homes.

Harbor View Armoire

The wardrobe features plenty of space for the placement of clothing, both in the main hanging area as well as in the two spacious drawers below. These drawers come with metal runners and safety stops which allow for soft closure. There’s even an interior shelf within the main body of the armoire which can hold a TV thereby adding even more functionality to this attractive bedroom furniture piece. Solid wood knobs finish the look of this wardrobe which was entirely made within the USA.

You can buy it from here: Sauder Harbor View Armoire.

Made from non-toxic materials.

In my view, the greyhound is one of the most beautiful looking dogs that has ever walked (or maybe it’s best to say “run across”) the earth. This tall greyhound dog statue portraying a lifelike representation is an ideal decorative addition to a household with a fondness for these graceful canines. The detail of the dog’s body is quite amazing and you can clearly see all the classical forms of this widely-recognised racing dog such as the long head and elongated muzzle.

Tall Sitting Greyhound Dog Statue

Made from Polystone (Dense Resin), the tall sitting greyhound statue will look great in just about any interior setting. It can be positioned in a living room where it will provide a themed accent sculpture for everyday admiring. Alternatively a hallway will allow guests and visitors to get a glimpse of this wonderful decorative statue which would surely showcase your interest in the world of greyhounds. It can also be placed outdoors easily enough.

You can purchase this statue from here: Aspire Greyhound Dog Statue.

Ideal for a table top or porch.

One sleek bread bin. Sleek and stylish best sum up this kitchen bread storage piece by Italian design duo Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan. Made from Plexiglas, the oval Gnam bread bin resembles some futuristic spacecraft and that’s certainly where its charm comes from. It’s very streamlined and just as functional, if not more so, than a traditional bread storage unit we are more familiar with. What’s more, you can store pretty much anything in it and can be positioned in any interior space in the home.

Alessi Gnam Bread Bin

It’s easy to see where the design originates seeing as the designers behind this sleek bread bin were educated as architects and industrial designers in Italy. In many ways it reminds one of various contemporary sculptures that can be seen in major museums and galleries across the world. In that sense, the Gnam bread bin will add a touch of contemporary style to your kitchen counter or shelf. By the way, it’s also available in a variety of different colors including blue, orange and white, as well as the black shown in the picture.

You can buy it from here: Gnam Bread Bin from Alessi.

Dimensions: 6.5″ H x 18.1″ W x 11.8″ D

Wow, what a bath tub! It not only looks good but will give your body a most wonderful massage. The Ariel whirlpool bath tub is free standing and this allows you even more options when it comes to placement in your contemporary bathroom interior. You can relax in this bath and let your worries and tensions from your busy day float away as the massage jets work on your tired muscles. There’s even cushioning to provide extra comfort, allowing you to completely take the strain off your body.

Ariel Whirlpool Bath Tub

The Ariel bath comes with a variety of exciting and hi-tech options. My favourite are the six different massage modes and four intensity options which give you a range of choices when it comes to personal preferences. I like the FM radio function too which does away with taking your traditional radio set into the bathroom with you when taking a bath. Also included in this whirlpool bath tub is an LCD touch screen control panel, an ozone disinfecting cleaning system, a heat pump, automatic pipe cleaning, and Chromatherapy functions.

You can buy it from here: Ariel Whirlpool Bath Tub.

Dimensions: 25.5″ H x 59″ W x 32″ D

We usually associate wall mirrors with singular pieces that hang alone on a wall. However, with this set of 12 round jewel mirrors, you have a more creative and inspiring arrangement to work with. Each of the individual twelve mirrors can be positioned in any order you so desire allowing you a wide range of design choices on how your wall will look. If you’re seeking something different and eye-catching for a room, then these jewel mirrors are certainly it.

12 Round Jewel Mirrors

The glass wall mirrors are both concave and convex in styling and will look good in just about any room in the home. They can be arranged in a square formation, perhaps for a living room, or as a long singular line of mirrors which might work well in a hallway interior. The mirrors are quality made and are very easy to attach to a wall, and will be sure to make a conversation starter. Mirrors in general add extra light and the appearance of more space to a room, and this set of 12 contemporary jewel mirrors is no different. They also add a lot of contemporary and decorative style.

You can buy the set from here: Jewel Mirrors (Set of 12).

Each mirror: 5″ W x 1″ D

Children love bright and colourful wall decorations. This set of Jungle themed wall decals for kids is an ideal addition for a child’s bedroom with a central jungle design scheme. What’s especially appealing is just how easy it is to attach the stickers to any wall surface and how simple and tidy it is to peel them off when required. Not only that but each animal decal can be reattached somewhere else, multiple times, without leaving a sticky residue.

These quality wall stickers (26 in all) include a variety of animals children associate with the exotic jungle scenes from books and movies. There are alligators, lions and tigers (a little imaginative license), monkeys, an elephant and zebra, giraffes, hippos and rhinos. There’s also a warm glowing sun and palm trees to complete the look. You and your children can have a wonderful time deciding where each jungle themed wall decal will go and after a week or two, you can do it all over again!

You can buy the set from here: Jungle Adventure Peel & Stick Wall Decals.

Made in the USA.

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Tired of crafting and creating on a table you have to keep clearing away for other things? This white Project Center Table is the answer and is ideal for those of us who love to craft, sculpt, embroider, paint, fix, and sew, amongst other things. It’s designed especially for creative minded people who need to store their tools and equipment without having to move too far from the scene of focus. The large surface area provides plenty of space for all sorts of activities.

Arts and crafts tables come in all shapes and sizes but frequently they can be quite basic and still require you to have storage space elsewhere. This project center craft table comes with inbuilt shelving and cabinets which allow you to place your craft tools in adjustable shelves. The overall look of the table is enhanced with these features and makes the furniture piece both highly functional and attractive to look at in its own right. The craft table is strong, sturdy and has a professional ambiance to it. If art, craft, sewing etc are important hobbies (or even careers) in your life then this table will soon become irreplaceable.

You can buy it from here: White Project Center Table.

Assembly is required but from previous reviews this does not seem to be problematic at all.

If you have election season fever in your heart, then this US political themed wall decal in the shape of a donkey and elephant will make a great decorative addition to your wall. The stars and stripes designed wall sticker can easily be attached to any surface in the home, whether in a bedroom, study, hallway, or living room. When the excitement of the United States presidential elections is over for another 4 years, you’ll have a reminder of what truly makes the US great.

Democracy is a vital ingredient in any modern and civilized nation, and these two symbols of the two largest political parties in the USA, are reminders of America’s proud traditions. The Democrat (donkey) and Republican (elephant) logos are printed on white, premium, self-adhesive, re-positionable fabric paper, which allows them to be placed in a variety of places over the course of time. All you have to do is simply peel and stick. When you want to move them, unpeel and stick somewhere else. What’s best is that this decal is made in the United States, ensuring good quality and patriotic appeal.

You can buy it from here: Election Themed Peel and Stick Wall Decals

They are available in a number of different sizes.

Tired of getting your favourite cookbooks dirty and oily when cooking? Forever losing the page you’re reading the recipe from? If so, this highly functional PortoChef loose-leaf recipe easel from Umbra will be an ideal addition to your kitchen armory. It’s designed to stand upright and provide you with a hands-free surface from which to place your favourite recipes for easy viewing during what can often be complicated food preparation and cooking endeavours.

The recipe easel comes with 26 see-through top-loading sleeves and can hold up to 52 sheets of paper on which recipes can be printed. The see-through sleeves provide protection from stains, spills, drips and spotting, during food making. The ring-binder look makes flipping through from one recipe to another extremely easy as well. Place your favourite recipes in this recipe easel, designed by Ice Lu, and you’ll be able to find your meal of choice within seconds. It looks good too and will provide a decorative element to any kitchen.

You can buy it from here: Umbra PortoChef Loose-Leaf Recipe Easel.

Made of imitation leather.

If you’re seeking an alternative to a roaring fire on a winter night, then this resin fireplace tea light log will be a great alternative. It can be tiring making a fire evening after evening, so sometimes it is nice to put up an easy temporary replacement like a collection of candles. Someone homes have empty fireplaces but no longer retain the ability to light fires. The log tealight holder which holds 11 candles is a great permanent accessory for such instances.

The hand crafted resin log sculpture is great for summer and winter months. Its visual beauty can be enjoyed all year round and in the warmer months a fire effect can be experienced without the added heat. During festive periods, the log tealight candle holder will become a welcome ambient feature which will complement the seasonal décor and dark nights. The flickering candle flames will offer a traditional fireside experience perfect for evenings in front of the “fire”.

You can buy it here: Resin Tealight Fireplace Logs

The 11 candles are included.

Imagine having an attractive wooden kitchen cart, breakfast bar, storage cabinet, and a butcher block food preparation surface, all in one. Well you can, with this wooden kitchen cart and breakfast bar made from strong sustainable hardwood. It looks great, is highly functional in multiple ways, and will fit in well with a wide range of existing kitchen décor schemes already in place. The piece is ideal for a kitchen where frequent cooking and food enjoyment is a priority.

The wooden kitchen cart sits on wheels which enables it to be manoeuvred easily from one part of an interior space to another. Built into the cart are a series of cabinets for the placement of kitchen items such as pots, pans, and baking equipment. Two drawers provide room for cutlery, cooking utensils, and similar accessories, whilst a knife block offers secure storage for your favourite kitchen knives. There’s also a rack for tea towels.

One of the best additions to this kitchen cart is the breakfast bar surface area which allows you to also transform the cart into a dining surface for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and coffee time with friends/neighbors.

You can buy it from here: Wood Top Kitchen Cart with Breakfast Bar.

Read the product page for more information and great reviews.

This attractive and unique peace-symbol accent table is based on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) logo which evolved into the internationally recognized peace sign it is known as today. The table’s body is constructed of wood shaped into two peace-symbols whilst the table top is circular in design. A sturdy base ensures the table remains strong and steady, ideal for the placement of just about any items you deem fit to adorn such an eye-catching furniture piece.

The purple peace-symbol table is perfect for a variety of different rooms and roles. It can be situated in a kid’s or teenager’s room where it can serve as a bedside table for lamps and books. Alternatively, it can be placed in a living room, hallway, or home study room, from where it can act as a decorative accent table or be used as a side table beside a sofa or armchair. The subject matter of the themed table means it will fit well into households where peace and love are paramount in thought and intention.

You can buy it from here: Peace Sign Purple End Accent Table Display Stand

Stands 19 inches in height.

This butcher block eating table with folding surfaces is ideal for a small kitchen or dining room interior. A little space need not go to waste and this fold away table is an ideal accessory to place within such an area. When opened out, the hardwood table can comfortably fit two diners, and when closed it can be placed against a wall where it will only fill 10 inches of outward space. The table can be situated in a variety of interiors and not just in a dining place.

Children will also benefit from this attractive and functional butcher block table. On it they can engage in creative drawing and writing activities, as well as puzzles, computer work, and reading. When kid’s activities have finished for the day, the table can be folded away and placed tidily out of the way. The drop leaf table is made from North American wood cut in the Catskills Mountains and has been completed with a natural oil finish. To the sides, there are some handles, making it easier to move the table from one place to another. All in all, the table is a multifunctional item of furniture for a myriad of different requirements.

You can buy it from here: Fold Away Butcher Block Table.

See product page for dimensions and price.

Intricately carved woodwork and stately presence are all fine ingredients for quality furniture in a traditional interior décor scheme. This Aidan round end table is just such a piece and will compliment a variety of period-style living rooms. The table features carefully designed concave legs which support a reverse diamond veneer pattern top. A lower shelf area provides storage or display space for further items such as vases, bowls, sculptures and books.

The Aidan end table is constructed from the finest cherry veneers and hardwoods, and has been completed with an attractive cinnamon finish. The table will look best in a room with traditional furniture styles and décor themes. It can be placed next to a sofa or armchair, or alternatively in the center of a room or against a wall. This table will also look good in a stately bedroom and can be placed in the corner of such a space on which can be placed table lamps and decorative items.

You can buy the table from here: Round Aidan End Table.

Size: 24″ H x 24″ W x 24″ D.

Are you a devout bibliophile? If so, this Lord Byron book themed side table decorated with the trompe l’oeil art technique will be a great decorative addition to a living room, bedroom, or home library. The hand-painted volumes give the impression that the table is made from classic books from the days of Lord Byron. The books even form part of the shape of the side table, further enhancing the sense of illusion, or artistic deception of the eye.

The book themed side table comes with metal pulls which open a drawer and a cupboard. These spaces provide storage for everyday items you might need close to an armchair in the living room or a bed in the master bedroom. The beautiful looking table can also become an accent furniture feature in a hallway, dining room, or study area. It’ll be particularly suitable for décor schemes with a decidedly old-worldly feel and definitely a wonderful accessory for book lovers everywhere.

You can buy it from here: Lord Byron Wooden Side Table.

Some simple assembly required.