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In order for red wine to taste even better than it normally does, it needs to breathe. Another term for this is allowing the wine to “aerate”. This process exposes the wine to the surrounding air which warms and thus opens up the natural flavours and aromas the wine contains. Usually, people might leave the cork off for a few minutes but this is a flawed concept for the bottle rim is too small to have much effect. The answer is a specially made wine breather and decanter like this one from Menu.

Functional as well as elegant, the Menu Wine Breather is a simple and highly effective kitchen or home bar accessory to have in your collection. The decanter is placed onto the top of the opened wine bottle and then flipped upside down to allow the wine to pour into the decanter. From there, one has two options. Either leave the wine in the decanter and serve from there or alternatively, flip back the bottle and wine breather and allow the wine to pour back into the bottle, from where it can be served in a regular fashion.

The older the red wine, the more benefits you’ll gain from this wine breather. Older red wines will have gathered sediments at the bottom but by this decanting process, they will be removed from the wine and left in the container. However, the main benefit is from the airing of the wine and whether old or new, all red wines will benefit from this process of aeration.

You can buy this decanter from here: Menu Wine Breather.

Price: $69.95