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The eagle is the most iconic bird of prey and has been widely used in art and cultural symbolism for centuries. This flying eagle metal wall art sculpture continues this tradition and is an ideal addition for a wall inside or outside the home. The expressive and expansive wing span of the eagle sculpture insures that it will make an eye-catching and highly decorative feature in a living room or dining room, or alternatively on the exterior wall of the house or garden.

Eagle species can be found in all continents of the world but are most frequent in Africa and Eurasia. In North America, there are just two species and these are the Golden Eagle and the Bald Eagle. The latter of which, I personally think, is the most striking in appearance. Probably the most familiar symbol of the eagle in North America is that seen in the Great Seal of the United States which features a bald eagle holding 13 arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other. This symbolises the US desire for peace but its readiness for war if needed.

The eagle is a majestic creature and is respected as a supreme hunter the world over. There is therefore little surprise this animal came to be the image for so many empires, nations, dynasties and movements. The metal wall art sculpture in the shape of an eagle soaring across the skies will thus bring a little historical background to your home and will especially compliment a patriotic household. Made from steel, powder coated and given a UV protective finish, the sculpture also comes in a variety of colors and effects.

You can buy it from here: Flying Eagle Metal Wall Art Sculpture.

Price: $59.95