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Recently I’ve been writing about the ways in which to achieve a rewarding Zebra Home Decor theme in the various rooms found in the average home. It was when researching this subject that I stumbled across this rather delightful zebra print chair. Usually I’m not that keen on animal print furniture pieces or fabrics but this chair leapt out of the page at me like a playful baby zebra. What is it I like about it?
zebra-armchairThe structural shape is the main thing I like about this zebra print chair. A wonderfully circular back is accompanied by zebra leg-shaped arm rests which immediately fuel visuals of galloping zebras in the savannah. In fact, I love the arm rests! In my view, they are the winning features of the chair. Do they remind you of the legs of a zebra?

Another aspect I like about this zebra print chair is the zebra print itself. In many cases, animal prints can seem overwhelmingly garish and often nauseating. However, with this zebra print chair, the black and white, is instead black and cream. The cream adds a touch of understatement to the visual appeal of this delightful furniture piece and means it will fit in and more easily merge with many types of interior design and settings.

The chair itself is made from Chinese maple wood in a black finish. If you have a zebra themed room, whether a living room, bedroom or study, then this chair is a must. I have not seen in my entire career a better zebra print chair than this. It’s also going to suit many other types of interior, whether themed along African lines or not. Check the link below and read more about the chair as well as the positive reviews it has had.

You can buy this chair from the following location: Zebra Print Chair