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This zebra console table will make a nice addition to a Bohemian style interior where accent and flair is needed. Finished on all sides with a classic zebra skin design, the Contempo zebra side console is an attractive furniture piece that can be location in various locations and for a variety of different functions. Storage space is located within which is accessed via the two doors at the front.

The console table can be located either against a wall or in the centre of a room. Owing to the black and white zebra skin design, the console can become a central feature in a living room or home bar interior. In which location the furniture piece is located also depends on the use to which the console is put to. As can be seen from the image above, the zebra console table can act as a drinks table or as a display area for decorative accessories or -self standing picture frames.

Hallways are a popular location for these types of furniture where they can provide an easy to access placement area for keys, handbags and mail. A mirror can be placed above the console table in order for family members and guests to check their appearance before leaving the house. Alternatively, this black and white console table with a crackle finish can act as a side or end table in the main living room area or bedroom. Next to a contemporary sofa, this furniture piece will bring a wonderfully natural element to the scene.

If you have a safari or African themed interior, then this zebra console table will make an excellent addition to that space. Lighting, decorative vases, candles and plants can also find a place on top of the table which will provide a stunning backdrop to whatever you choose. A serving table or a small television table are further possible uses to which this zebra console table can be put. The possibilities truly are endless.

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Price: $469