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As the soccer World Cup reaches its fourth day, I thought it worthwhile to showcase a strikingly attractive throw pillow made in the host nation of South Africa. Made from 100% South African cotton, the pillow has been hand-painted by artisans in the coastal city of Cape Town. The mustard yellow is synonymous with the bright and exciting colors and tones found right across the African continent and evident in the crowds present in the soccer stadiums.

There’s a story behind this yellow South African throw pillow as well. A woman named Carole Nevin sought a way to alleviate the widespread poverty in the Rainbow Nation and came up with a business plan that would help dozens of poor and destitute Africans gain work. The family business now employs talented Africans from near and far and the result is beautiful creations such as this geometric mustard throw pillow with a decidedly African quality.

Each pillow is individually handmade so no two are alike. This makes them a personal and unique decorative addition to a home which needs an injection of color. Placed on a sofa or bed, the beautiful yellow will bring a aura of African sunshine to the whole interior. The black and white geometric designs echo the tribal art of this proud nation and bring further contrast and interest for the eyes.

You can buy this throw pillow from here: African Mustard Throw Pillow by Carole Nevin.

Price: $50

A red version is also available.