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Nature inspired sculptures are wonderful gift ideas and additions for urban households. This yellow flower sculpture is just such a decorative piece that will brighten up a room in a city apartment. When all you have as a view outside the window is another building or road full of cars, a bit of natural color and texture can really bring an interior to life. This is especially true if the ingenious sculpture has iron stems that sway in a breeze when the windows are open.

The modern and kinetic decorative accessory pictured above is made up of a series of canary-tipped iron stems which vary in height and are moveable either by touch or by air currents in the home. A black wood base provides a solid foundation for this yellow flower sculpture piece which means it can be placed on just about any surface found in the domestic interior.

It looks just like a row of flowers in a Summer meadow and with careful positioning, can become an eye-catching decorative feature to a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Place it on a coffee table for a dash of gently swaying color when friends come to visit, or on a guest bedroom windowsill so as to provide a shot of cheerful brightness when the curtains are drawn in the morning. Some previous buyers have even purchased a set of three or four and placed them together to form a larger decorative accent piece along a shelf or bath tub.

You can buy this flower sculpture from the following location: Yellow Flower Meadow Sculpture.

Price: $68