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Looking for a wall sconce candle holder that will compliment a floral design theme? Perhaps a wall sculpture that can also act as a candle placement where the flickering of a flame can spread dancing shadows across a living room or bedroom interior. If so, this wrought iron flower wall sconce candle holder might well be just what you’re seeking. Attached to the wall by itself or as a pair, this wall candle sconce will bring the delicate beauty of the natural world indoors.

Candles are a wonderful way to bring a dynamic lighting element into a room. The movement of the flame means the light flitters like warm moonlight over a gently rippling lake or sea. If you’re wanting to bring some rustic charm and olden-days ambiance to a setting, a host of candles are ideal. This floral wrought iron candle sconce is reminiscent of country décor and will add a rural atmosphere to even the most urban of environments. The daisy flowers will seem to dance and sway when the main room lights are turned down low and a candle is lit.

This metal flower wall sconce candle holder is thus a wonderful addition to a wall located in an interior where guests are often entertained or special moments are frequently enjoyed. A dining room setting is an option with the wall sconce candle complimenting table candles and lamps. Another possible setting is in a bedroom where passions can be aroused with the beauty and romance of a flickering candle flame and the dancing shadows of daisies. The possibilities are endless.

You can buy this decorative wall accessory here: Wrought Iron Flower Wall Sconce Candle Holder.

Price: $33.99