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Woven bamboo window shades/blinds are used widely by interior designers due to their natural beauty as well as strength. It’s also a bonus that bamboo shades can match and compliment a wide variety of room styles, furnishings and paint colors. Many bamboo blinds and shades can also be used in tandem with other window treatments such as fabric valances and numerous types of curtain. As well as this, woven bamboo window shades and blinds are extremely efficient in preventing energy waste as well as being eco-friendly.

natural-woven-window-blinds-bambooThe beauty of woven bamboo window shades lies in their natural structure and feel. Each blind and shade will have variations in pattern, tones and color which will add a dynamic quality to a room. These can be matched with existing furnishings and themes. Depending on the type you purchase, some woven bamboo blinds and shades can be traditional in feel and look. Others can easily be installed in a more modern environment where the shade will contribute to the ambiance of the interior. Designers and home owners alike buy the woven bamboo window shades for their earthly qualities which in a way bring the outside to the inside.

woven-bamboo-window-shades-naturalThe pictures in this post show a few of the woven window blinds made from bamboo that you can find on the market. All these pictured can be found on the website below which has a great track record of instillation and delivery.

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They range in price from $52 through to $164 for the highest quality.