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Just after lunch, there frequently comes a period of an hour or two when the mind and body falls into a state of lethargy. We start to imagine our beds and wish there was a place in our office where we could put our heads down for a bit. This is the inspiration behind ‘1.6 sm of Life’ which is a work desk that also has an in-built bed compartment underneath. The hybrid design is the brainchild of talented Greek designer Athanasia Leivaditou from the University of Patras.

The office desk which converts into a bed is designed for city workers and/or for people who work from home and wish to spend a little nap time during the working day. At first the desk looks like a regular item of furniture you’d find in any contemporary office setting but on closer inspection, the fold-out properties reveal the bed within the body of the desk. A 2 meter-long mattress is hidden within panelling, which can be folded down, thus allowing access to the bed. A flat screen television is also included inside for watching movies, listening to music or gaining inspiration from documentary shows.

The office desk-cum-bed is also suitable for domestic settings and can be utilized by those of us who like to work from home. There’s something to be said for keeping out of the bedroom during the day when you are self-employed, so as to avoid mixing the work environment with the home environment. This can increase work productivity and focus even if a nap is taken in the afternoon within a desk bed like the one pictured above.

You can see a video of the desk-bed here: ‘1.6 sm of Life’.

Read an interview with the designer here: Interview with Athanasia Leivaditou.