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When it comes to quality kitchen cabinets and interior design, wood is the best option to go with. It’s difficult to beat the beauty, longevity and individuality of pure wood and they are far superior to wood composites and veneers. Kitchen cabinets are a major feature in any kitchen and thus getting the right look is just as important as making sure you have enough storage and food preparation surface space. A lot of entertaining also takes place in the kitchen area.

So what woods are best for your kitchen and what choices are there for you to look at?

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak is one of the most majestic of trees, with its mighty branches sweeping outwards like a dancer’s robes in mid-swing. It’s no surprise therefore, that the wood from this old tree is one of the most attractive, strong and long-lasting you can possibly find. Oak wood used in the construction of cabinets will provide an eye-catching and very natural look to the interior which will match the delicious dishes created in the kitchen. Oak can be complimented with various staining processes.

Pine Kitchen Cabinets

Unlike with other woods, pine is relatively difficult to decipher from an online perspective. That’s why it’s often best to find a store or manufacturer in your local area and go in person to look at the pine cabinets up close. Pine wood is usually seen with many knots and these can make or break a particular décor scheme you might have in mind, thus it’s important to choose from a more hands-on perspective. Although when you find the right one for you, pine wood kitchen cabinets will looking stunning and really add substance to a space.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood has a unique and innate beauty about it which makes it a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. The deep red of the wood compliments many types of décor schemes and the best thing about cherry is that it deepens in color over time and improves on its already luxurious appearance. With cherry wood cabinets, friends, family and guests will find the kitchen environment most welcoming and you might have a difficult time getting them out of the way of the cooking process.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple wood is a light-toned wood which is ideal for kitchens which need cabinets that are not going to darken the interior. The wood is also very durable and is relatively resistant to denting and damage from every day wear and tear. However, maple doesn’t react too well to prolonged periods in the sun and soon starts to fade, so it’s wise to make sure the cabinet area will not be in direct contact with sunshine streaming through windows or glass doors. It has an attractive wood grain and is also one of the cheaper woods available.

Mahogany Kitchen Cabinets

To add sophistication and majestic aplomb to a kitchen, then mahogany kitchen cabinets are a good choice. Mahogany is a dark wood and thus lends itself well to décor schemes that will make the most of the differences in tone and contrast the wood can bring. Unfortunately, mahogany wood is both expensive and endangered as a tree species. However, there are some special harvesters and exporters which work with this wood species in an environmentally sensible way and if you choose mahogany for your kitchen cabinet, then a little research online will give you more information on these agencies. One well known and respected one for example is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Take your time before making a final decision and weigh the pros and cons of each wood material mentioned in this article. The wood you chose will transform your kitchen interior and it’s wise to make sure the change will be for the good.