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Trees have for thousands of years played a major part in human mythology, worship and construction. This very attractive wooden tree root wall mirror is a fine example of how the strength of wood and the beauty of nature can combine to form visually appealing home decorative accessories. If you’re looking for wall features with a decidedly natural feel, then this tree root framed mirror is perfect.

There are a number of fun philosophical connections one can make in relation to tree roots and mirrors. One could be the contemplation of one’s deeds as being a root to good or evil and the mirror being the reflective device used to do this. Another can be the reflection of one’s life and family (the root) from birth, childhood and onwards. Or, it could be … no I’ll stop there … If I’m not careful, this whole post will turn into a thesis on existentialism or dendrolatry (tree worship).

The reason for presenting this delightful wooden tree root framed wall mirror is because of its natural beauty and too often, home interiors are lacking in this important quality. We live in increasingly technological times and whilst this is only to be celebrated, we have to be careful to remember to balance this computer-age with the wonders and health benefits of the natural world around us. In many ways, this tree root shaped wooden mirror is the best reminder of the lot and even frames our faces, like a painting, at the point in time of being reminded that we are very much part of the natural world ourselves.

Placed in a hallway, bedroom or living room, this naturally designed mirror will enliven an interior space as well as give the area an enlarged quality. The reflection of natural daylight will also be of benefit to you and your family’s moods.

You can buy this mirror from here: Wooden Root Wall Mirror.

Dimensions: Oblong 4″ x 18″ x 27″ L