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Serving trolley carts have long been a regular feature in kitchens and dining rooms across the nation. Due to their ease of manoeuvrability and handy design concept, they have been employed for their storage potential as well as their easy serving capabilities. The wooden serving trolley cart shelf unit seen in the picture below is a form of serving cart that has been adapted to act as a display furniture piece in itself. It’s aged moss green finish gives it an attractive quality that will match many types of interior décor.

serving-trolley-cart-shelves-wooden-moss-greenThere are a variety of uses for a wooden trolley cart shelf unit like this one. It can be placed in a living room to act as a television stand whilst on the lower shelves things like video boxes and DVD recorders can be located. The wooden trolley cart shelves can also be used for purely decorative items such as decorated vases, picture frames, sculptures and indoor plants. In the living room interior, as seen in the image above, the shelves can also act as temporary storage space for magazines and books.

Placed next to a sofa or in the center of the room, this wooden serving trolley cart with 3 shelves will become part of the regular furniture. However, unlike most shelving units, this one has wheels at the base which means it can be easily moved from one part of the room to another and even from living room to dining room or from one bedroom to another. This means it can be used as a serving shelf unit for breakfast in bed if you have your bedroom and kitchen on the same level.

It’s been given an aged look and the moss green finish really makes this wooden serving trolley cart shelf unit look attractive. With most traditional interior decor themes, this trolley shelf cart will be a welcome addition and also a very handy storage, display and serving feature.

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