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Rosh Hashanah is fast approaching and what better way to introduce your young children to the Jewish New Year traditions than with this colourful wooden Rosh Hashanah set. Made especially with kids in mind, the set features all the traditional items associated with the arrival of the High Holy Days (Yamim Noraim) in the Jewish calendar.

Included in the 8-piece set are items that all Jewish families will be familiar with in relation to Rosh HaShanah. They are as follows: 2 candles, a wine goblet, a platter, 2 Challas (round loaves which are symbolic of the cycle of the year), an apple and a honey jar (apple slices dipped in honey represent hope for a sweet new year), and a shofar. The latter item, the shofar, is a very important symbol of Rosh Hashanah and is a widely recognised image of Judaism as well. The ram’s horn and is blown one hundred times during each of the two days of Rosh HaShanah and is to remind people of the importance of reflection during this important holiday.

For children, it is wise to introduce customs and traditions in a fun and memorable way. Kids react best to colourful items and pictures rather than black and white text. This colourful Rosh Hashanah set made from wood allows a child to take part in the New Year events in their own special and unique way as they learn more and more about the Yamim Nora’im. The set is made to be played with but also looks attractive in a decorative way. This means it can be presented on a table or shelf when not in use and act as a visual reminder to the rest of the family of the importance of this time of year.

Shana Tova Umetukah!

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