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If you’re looking for a wooden wine curio cabinet that will compliment the existing décor in a wine cellar, dining room or kitchen, then this wooden Meridian Wine Curio with an in-built thermoelectric wine cooler might be just what you’re searching for. As one can see from the picture below, this wine curio cabinet has a variety of compartments that will benefit the complete wine storage, serving and drinking experience.

The wooden wine curio cabinet is in oak and has a slim width meaning it can be placed in a multitude of possible locations depending on existing placements and designs. Although slim, the thermoelectric wine cooler has been designed to hold up to 18 bottles of wine at varying temperatures. For example, the upper zone of the curio wine cooler is around 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the lower zone. This is important as different wines fare better at different temperatures.

What I particularly like about this wooden wine curio and thermoelectric wine cooler combination is how it fits together without looking confused or overbearing. A drawer in the center of the wine curio cabinet, just above the cooler, provide storage for wine bottle openers, place mats and various other small accessories connected to serving wine and indeed spirits. Another drawer opens up to reveal a pull-out granite work-top surface for opening and pouring wine.

As one can also see from the picture above, wine glasses are stored in the upper compartment of the wooden oak wine curio cabinet. A wine glass rack keeps the glasses within each reach and access above a space for the display of wine bottles that one might one to show-off to guests before drinking. By the way, the display area has a mirrored back panel which reflects the bottles on display and also gives a sense of extra space both to the wine curio and possibly the room itself.

For a family or bachelor that loves their wine and entertains dinner guests on a regular basis, this wooden Meridian Wine Curio with an in-built wine cooler will make a lovely addition to the home. This is especially the case if your kitchen, dining area or basement area has similar oak furniture. It’s a whole home bar in one which makes it both highly functional and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing.

On the page linked to above you can see a video of this wine curio in operation. Well worth a watch.