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When you have a large amount of CDs, DVDs and other similar collections, it can be very beneficial to store them in one neat and secure fashion. This wooden library-style card file cabinet is an attractive and highly functional storage furniture piece and can be used for multimedia collections or an array of different household objects, perhaps in a hallway, foyer, bedroom or dining room. It’s nicely made and will receive numerous compliments from visitors.

The walnut cabinet has 24 pull-out drawers, which altogether can house 456 CDs, 192 DVDs, or 96 VHS tapes. If placed in a home’s entrance area, it can be used for the storage of keys, wallets, letters and other items you might need when entering and exiting the building. The slightly retro librarian’s cabinet will increase decorative quality to an interior space as well as provide excellent storage and neat assembly, which will particularly appeal to those of us who like to keep our collections in tidy order.

You can buy it from here: Wooden Library-Style Card File.

Personalization labels included.