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The gorilla is one of the most recognisable of primate species and this is in part thanks to contemporary cultural references in art, wildlife documentaries and movie-making. This wooden gorilla statue with moveable limbs is a decorative piece reflective of the iconic appeal this majestic beast has gained in recent decades. The giant primate’s features lend themselves perfectly to sculptural décor and anatomical figurines that can enhance a table top or shelf.

This impressive looking wooden gorilla statue is named Hanno after the famous Hanno II of Carthage (also known as Hanno the Navigator) who lived around 500 BC. Hanno and sixty ships were given the task of exploring and colonising the north west African coast. On this perilous journey, they came across what they described as hairy and savage peoples on an island they found. During this period, the explorers labelled these African people as gorillae and when European explorers came across the same lands in the 19th century, they at first presumed these beasts were the people the Carthaginian explorers had described. Hence their name, gorillas.

Hanno the wooden gorilla statue is the creation of renowned American sculptor David Weeks and is part of the Areaware series. Made from sustainably harvested beech wood, the beautifully formed gorilla sculpture is ideally made to suit a regular home interior setting. Placed on a table in a living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway, the wooden gorilla with moveable limbs will become an exciting decorative feature that will garner many comments from visitors to the home.

The hardwood frame means the gorilla can be placed into a wide variety of poses from the hunch position as seen in the image to a standing or even sitting position. For anyone who has a fondness for animals, especially those from the heart of Africa, this brave and strong animal sculpture will make a lovely addition to just about any type of interior setting.

You can buy this gorilla here: Wooden Gorilla Statue With Moveable Limbs.

Price: $75