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In many modern apartments (which are now being built at a far higher rate than houses), you may find that wooden floors are being fitted throughout. Indeed even when buying from new you may just have a choice of what colour of wooden flooring you can have, rather than even being offered the option of carpet, never mind what colour carpet you would like.
In new builds, carpets are often now just confined to hallways and staircases.

So first of all when looking at carpet versus wooden floors you need to have a look at your lifestyle. For example do you have pets or children, or both?

Well if you just have cats or dogs, then there is a lot to be said for laminate floors as they are easy to keep clean in the event of “Accidents”, also they mean your pets will virtually never get fleas. Wooden floors can just be mopped clean if dirty, however it may be susceptible to scratching over a period of time.

Also laminate flooring is not child friendly as it has no cushioning bounce to it, in the event your little one falls over!
That said with carpet it does stain easier, and it does wear out easier than laminate flooring. However you can normally pay extra to have it scotch guarded, which is an invisible waterproof coating that helps to keep off stains such as red wine in the event that a glass is knocked over.

Carpet is also warmer to the touch underfoot, it is also normally easy to clean each week, with only a simple sweep of a vacuum cleaner being required. Carpet also comes in a far wider ranger of textures and colours.

In addition carpet can be made to fit any space far more easily than laminate flooring can be. As an example you could not realistically use laminate flooring in the same way that you could do with carpet in a lot of areas. Laminate flooring cannot be made to curl around stair treads as an example!

However in high traffic areas carpet can wear faster than laminate flooring and this is why a lot of modern properties have a mixture of both. As an example if you have a dog that stays downstairs, then having tiled or laminate floors downstairs and carpet upstairs makes a lot of sense.

However if you have no pets and small children instead, then having carpet throughout your house makes a lot of sense.

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