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If you’re looking for rustic-style wooden bowls, then you won’t go far wrong with Native American wooden dough bowls. Imbued with the natural charm of pine wood together with the cultural history of the local tribes, these bowls are ideal as decorative features for any interior. They are not just for aesthetic uses either as they can be used to store fruit, nuts, mints and even scented pot-pourri.

The wooden dough bowls can also feature as backdrops for your own art work. If you have a fondness for Native American art, then the wooden bowls can be painted with patterns, shapes and images integral to the culture of various Indian tribes. Placed in a Native American themed interior, the decorated bowls will add a personal touch to the ambiance of the space.

Made by local artisans in Mexico, the rustic wooden dough bowls help the native people make a living in the poorer areas of the country. Noted across the continent for their craft skills, the peoples of the Tarahumara Tribe are experts in creating beautiful wooden objects for the home, including figurines, utensils, toys and these attractive dough bowls which have been individually hand-made.

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