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Telephones are used in a variety of locations in the home but the most traditional places are in the hallway or the main living room. These days, with the abundance of cell phones, one might be forgiven in thinking the old fashioned telephone might be a think of the past. However, this is not true and it’s always nice to have a land-line phone close to hand when at home. Thus, a 3-tier telephone table with single drawer like the one shown below is a great furniture piece to go with it.

Made from wood and covered with a rich cherry finish, this 3 shelf phone table will add substance, functionality and attractiveness to any setting in the home interior. Beautifully crafted so as to appear delicate and elegant, the table is in fact sturdy and built to hold a variety of objects and not just the telephone itself. A small drawer is provided in which to store small items such as keys, notes and other important bits and pieces that require safe placement.

Two more shelves allow for large objects such as telephone books, diaries, notepads, letters, gloves and even a vase of flowers to be positioned. The result is all the things you might need whilst on the phone being close to hand without the need for more furniture to be placed nearby. This style of telephone table would suit a hallway very much but it will also look perfectly in place in a living room beside an armchair or alternatively in the corner of a dining room or bedside a bed.

You can buy this table from here: Wooden 3-Tier Telephone Table.

Price: $37