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When it comes to buying wood home office desks, I’ve found there are three types of wood that are best to consider. Naturally, you want a desk that is strong and one that will hold your home office accessories such as a computer, books, lamps and indeed the weight of your elbows. It should also look good and merge comfortably with your pre-existing decor without looking cumbersome. So what are these woods and what benefits do they bring to the proverbial table?

1) Oak Wood

Solid Oak is my favorite choice when it comes to a wood home office desk. It’s also the most common type of wood used in domestic furniture making. There are very few downsides to good quality oak wood which makes it such a ubiquitous material in the furnishings sector. Oak is both sturdy and durable and as long as it is cared for, it can last an extremely long time compared to other wood types. Oak is also a great material on which to use a wide variety of colors and finishes.

2) Cherry Wood

Out of the three woods I mention in this post, cherry wood is often the most expensive. However, with the right wood home office desk design, it can look quite stunning in a home office setting. This type of wood tends to be darker than other woods which means the range of finishes is more limited compared to say, oak wood. A possible drawback over time is the maintenance of the cherry wood which is prone to suffering and showing its scratches and injuries.

3) Maple Wood

Maple wood is one of the cheapest options available when choosing a wood home office desk. Like with oak, it is available in a wide variety of finishes but as in the same way with the darker cherry wood, maple wood usually tends to be of a lighter tone. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a maple wood desk for a certain decor scheme. As far as durability goes, maple is somewhere between the two woods mentioned above. On the other hand, it is the easiest type of wood to mend or replace if any damage does occur.

Wood home office desks can make a wonderful addition to a home office interior. Looks wise, they are my favorite type of desk, regardless of the type of wood they are constructed from. Unlike metal desks, wood desks tend to be able to compliment any type, era or style of interior decor.

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