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The air lift adjustable stools showcased on this page are one of the most popular bar and kitchen furniture accessories on the market. This is due in part to the stool’s sleek design and comfort levels which surpass similar types of bar and kitchen stools. Winsome wood produce great quality furniture and this set of two air lift stools is no exception. With a minimal seat-back and adjustable options, they will be fit with most other furnishings present in an interior.

For those of you who like to sip tea or drink coffee over a morning magazine, the Winsome Wood air lift stools are a suitable choice for relaxed comfort and sophisticated flair. Tubular foot rests allow for feet to be rested without strain whilst up to 200 pounds of body weight can be carried on the stool itself. A padded seat covered with faux leather gives extra comfort which will be welcomed during morning breakfast or evening drinks.

There’s an optional table that comes with these stools which can be purchased at an added price but they will probably go well with an ordinary wooden bar setting or breakfast nook you might already have in place. They swivel too which means they are ideal for social occasions when conversation is lively and one wishes to face in a variety of directions over the evening. When not in use, the air lift stools, which can go up or down with a tug of a handle, can be discretely placed beneath a counter-top.