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It’s primarily designed for outdoor use but this characterful winking sun sculpture will be equally suitable for an interior setting. As the winter months approach and the cold air begins to gnaw at our joints, it’s nice to have a reminder that the warm summer days will eventually return next year. What better way to do this than with a decorative sun sculpture that will enhance our moods and add an attractive visual element to a room. The sun can be smiling at us every hour of every day, whether there are rain clouds or not.

The winking sun sculpture is handmade in North Carolina and is made from a combination of steel and dyed concrete. The steel sun rays which act as a kind of frame have been given a rust finish for an added decorative effect. It’s not too heavy although it will need fixing to an indoor wall with more than just a regular nail you use for hanging picture frames. Alternatively it can be placed on an outdoor fence, wall or trellis. Indoors or outdoors, the materials will catch the light in different ways and add a shimmer to the scene.

If you want to hang this winking sun wall sculpture indoors then you might consider placing it when a welcoming glint of fun and warmth are required. A hallway or kitchen are prime examples, as well as perhaps a bathroom, garage or workspace. It will also suit an area where a lot of natural sunlight seeps through and catches on the steel rays, thereby adding a shine. A sun room would also be a fantastic location for this charming sculpture.

Winking Sun Garden Sculpture – $97.99
Retail Price: $107.99
You Save: $10.00
from: Modern Artisans