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Have you ever wished you could combine your wine bottle collection with modern sculptural wall art? If, like me, you have, then look no further than this hand painted metal wall sculpture wine bottle holder. It combines wine storage with creativity and has become a popular wall accessory. The rectangular and square metal blocks come in different colors and look very much like any contemporary painting you’d see in a major art gallery.

The Ravenel wine storage wall sculpture will be ideal for a dining room or kitchen wall surface. It’s easy to attach and can hold up to 8 wine bottles. It will look good above a cabinet or below a more traditional wall wine rack. The colourful design allows it to become an eye-catching decorative feature wherever it is put and previous buyers have stated it receives a lot of praise among visitors. It’s strong, sturdy and visually appealing, making it perfect for an artistic household that enjoys fine wine.

You can buy it from here: Ravenel Wine Storage Wall Sculpture.

It hangs as easily as a picture.