With this sophisticated clothes valet stand you’ll be suited up and ready to head to work faster than you can say “Oh God, not another work day”. The helpful clothing butler with a distinctly classic style is designed for men’s use and can hold an array of different clothing items that make up the average business man’s work suit attire. It can hold a suit jacket, a pair of trousers, multiple ties and numerous belts, and even a rack for shoes, as well as a small area for the placement of jewellery and wristwatches.

A clothes valet, otherwise known as a valet stand, have been in existence for centuries in one form or another and have been used by both men and women. In the basic sense they are an item of bedroom furniture on which clothes might be hung. This Windsor Signature clothes valet stand, which is made from solid Chinese Hardwood with a mahogany finish, comes with a L-feature which adds more hanging space as well as offering an attractive furniture feature for a room.

The valet features a detachable hanger with a brass knob on top and an extra ribbed pants bar for easy suit storage in a closet. Designed for perfect organisation, the valet will keep your clothes wrinkle-free and ready to be worn within seconds. The beautiful finish and form of the piece means it is more likely to complement existing furniture in a bedroom. The tie rack makes it simple to select a new tie each day without having to fumble around for one in a drawer or box. Be careful however, you might just find your wife wanting to use it as well.

You can buy it from here: Windsor Signature Valet Stand for Men.

Height: 45 inches.