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A new interior design trend for this summer is the growing popularity of wild flowers. By this I don’t necessarily mean picked wild flowers put into vases, but instead motifs and patterns. The trend is more noticeable in the British design arena where designers have found inspiration from the native flowers in the typical English meadow. These include the popular cowslips and field poppies to the cornflowers and musk mallows.

pink-floral-cushionsThe beauty of the wild is being incorporated into all sorts of interior design spaces and objects. Fabrics in the form of cushions and linen being the most common (see picture: Modern Blush Pillow). Other every day items that are being decorated with the wild flower motifs and designs include china, papers, wallpaper and furniture which is enjoying a stencil revival. In fact, one could say that flora designs are proliferating like weeds and this is set to continue.

Its not just the fauna that is being included in designs this summer. The insects and birds that are associated with hedgerows and meadows are also being used as inspiration for fabric and wallpaper decor. Butterflies with their natural beautify and color, whilst they have always been popular, are set to make an even bigger come-back in the home decor scene. Bees and dragonflies are also being incorporated.

floral-hall-chestIf you want to bring in the English country meadow and hedgerow themes into your home, then consider the locations where they can be used (see picture: Drawer Hall Chest). Bathroom and kitchen tiles are perfect platforms on which to display motifs. In a bland bathroom, a little color in the form of a beautifully intricate floral pattern can work wonders. For a kitchen, think about the patterns one can find on tea trays, cups, tea towels and plates. These can be showcased in cabinets or on hooks and rails.

Bringing the outdoors inside for the summer is a wonderful way to brighten up your home interior and bring some cheer to the atmosphere after a long cold winter. With a little inspiration and poking about you can find some great deals in second-hand shops and best of all, online.