Imagine you are sitting in one of the beautiful cafes of Rome or Paris. You and your companions are seated around one of the typical round café tables as you chat together and delight in watching the latest trends and fashions in clothing walk past you. Large plants adorn the table area and the whiff of coffee and fine perfumes greet your nose. Now imagine you can experience this in your own home or outside in the garden, albeit without the countless fashionistas strutting past.

This Wicker Park café table with curvy legs will bring the aura of European al fresco dining home. Place it inside or outside depending on space and décor, and you will be able to enjoy your favourite cappuccino, cocktail, breakfast or lunch in style. The solid iron frame together with the strong mesh tabletop combine to produce a sturdy, long-lasting and attractive table for a balcony, kitchen, patio area or dining room.

In the center, there’s also a hole and accompanying support system below for a table umbrella. This will be great in the hot and sunny months of the year. If you have a large balcony, the table will make an especially suitable furniture piece for family and friends to gather in summer. In winter it can be placed indoors such as in a kitchen or glass room and continue to function as an appealing furniture accessory for reading the newspapers or working on a laptop.

You can buy this table from here: Wicker Park Cafe Table.

Price: $98