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The majority of my kitchen cabinets make use of roll-out shelves. There were a number of reasons why I include these into my kitchen design and these are mentioned below. I’ve found that in all kitchen interiors, roll-out shelving has only been of benefit to the home-owner and the overall interior design of the space. They are as follows:

Safety – A roll-out shelving unit allows the user to reach items without having to lean, stretch and bend. Whilst this is not particularly a problem for the young and middle aged, it can be for the elderly, children and the disabled. If there are any of the latter group who spend a lot of time preparing meals, then roll-out shelves should become a priority.

Ease of Access – This ties in with the safety factor but is applicable to all the family. A roll-out shelf is comfortable to manage. Instead of having to get on bended knee or tip-toe to reach a box at the back of a cupboard, one can instead just roll out the framework and pick out the sought after item with ease.

Value for Money – The long term benefits of roll-out shelving is great. These features are popular and in many cases will raise the value of the house if you come to sell it in a few years time. As anyone who has sold a house before will know, little adjustments and improvements here and there, which might not seem very big at the time, can add a few thousand dollars to a home’s price tag.

Ease of Instillation – You don’t need to replace your entire kitchen cabinets in order to install roll-out shelving. Specialists can easily measure the existing cabinet space and make shelving and related fixtures to fit into what is there already.

More Storage Space – Roll-out shelving usually means more space is achieved in the cabinet and kitchen overall. This is due to being able to place items right at the back of the cabinet, knowing you’ll be able to reach them easily by merely rolling out the shelves. It’s also possible to see the full range of the shelving which is often tricky especially with lower cabinets where much of the cabinet space is left invisible from our standing visual range.

No longer will you loose items only to find them months later when cleaning out the cabinets. It’ll also make it easier when you check what needs to be replaced before a weekly or monthly shop.

As you can see, there are a wide range of benefits gained from installing roll-out shelving in the kitchen. I’m pleased I have these fixtures in my own home and they certainly make preparing meals and cleaning much easier.