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The distinctive look of owls makes them an ideal subject for fine art, sculpture and home interior décor. This “Who’s Hoo” framed art print is a fine example of great owl themed artwork to fit on your wall. Featuring a parliament (the term for a group of these birds) of owls, the print is a reproduction of work created by the famed American bird artist Don McMahon. The cheerful collection of owls is beautifully represented and will bring a swish of color and visual interest to an interior setting.

There are a number of different types of owls and each one is portrayed in this art piece. You have, amongst others, the barn owl, the barred owl, the great horned owl, the screech owl, the snowy owl and the great grey owl. The parliament of owls is like a who’s who of the highly recognisable nocturnal bird species. You’ll note that all the expressions are different with some owls looking rather sleepy whilst others show either gentle disdain or intrigued concentration (perhaps after seeing your pet mouse).

Don McMahon’s art work can be seen across North America and his passion for drawing and painting birds was born from his childhood. The attention to detail and the fantastic characters that the birds possess are testament to an artist who loves to paint and to watch birds in their natural habitats. The latter quality of which, the artist gained from his mother, who was herself a world-renowned bird watcher.

Owls in western societies have for a long time been associated with wisdom. The ancient Greek goddess Athena, who was the goddess of wisdom, even had the owl as a symbol. Owls were also important cultural symbols in many societies around the world including in pre-European North America, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where they were seen as unlucky omens. This framed art piece however is not unlucky and will take pride of place on just about any interior wall. If you have a home study, studio or library, then the wise collection of owls will fit perfectly with the studious ambiance of the room.

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