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If you like to entertain guests on a regular basis then you might be looking for an interior decor feature that can provide some entertainment. This exact scenario came to mind when I ventured across this appealing mirror-cum-height measurer called the “Who Tall Are You”. The original and fun design means visitors to your home will automatically want to stand in front of the long mirror which highlights the heights of famous people, both past and present.

famous-people-heights-mirror-measurePerhaps your girlfriend is the same size as Kylie Minogue or your boyfriend is on a par with Clint Eastwood. Maybe your granny is towering above Elle Macpherson or your uncle is smaller than Charlie Chaplin with his hat on. Place them in front of this fun measuring mirror and you will quickly see which celebrity or famous figure from history your friend or relative closely resembles in height.

There are a total of 120 famous names listed on this measuring mirror which will provide a well known name for people of all heights, from the tallest to the smallest, male and female. One might well find some guests standing on tip toe in order to appear more like David Hasselhoff than the more diminutive Danny DeVito. The list of names include people from around the world including celebrities from the US and Britain but also counting figures such as Mother Teresa, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Peter the Great and Prince Felipe who is the heir apparent to the Spanish throne.

This mirror-cum-height measure is made by Ismaril Wells. More images of this fascinating mirror can be found on the following website where order details can also be seen: Who Tall Are You.