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Depending on your interior décor scheme, you might be looking for a white wicker end table to compliment a sofa or chair. If so, you will certainly like this particular end table as pictured below. It can be used indoors or outdoors and has a durable resin weave meaning the table will last a long time and keep its original quality in tact. This is especially important for white furniture pieces which can suffer most, aesthetically, from wear and tear.

End tables in general are great for placing next to larger seating furniture items such as sofas, armchairs, beds and cabinets. White wicker end tables can add a tonal contrast to a certain color scheme which might need a lighter component to complete the scene. Anything and everything can be placed on an end table from lamps, sculptures, books, reading glasses and vases of flowers. They are ideal as extra surfaces areas for decorative accessories that can bring focus to an interior.

This white wicker end table has an extra shelf below the main surface top. Books, magazines, newspapers and others bits and pieces can be stored on this section whilst still being in arm’s reach as and when required. Whether used inside or outside, this end table will bring a functional and pleasing form to any home. It’s extremely easy to clean as well.

You can buy this table from here: White Wicker End Table.

Price: $148.29