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A Bop Chair is one of those cool retro modern furniture pieces every stylish interior design lover should have in their home. If you have part of a room which needs filling with a trendy item, then this contemporary Bop Chair as seen in the image below can satisfy this gap. The fact that it’s also a swivel chair means it can fulfil a number of functions from home office chair to a relaxing meditation seat.

white-vinyl-bop-chairIn fact, one of the uses I had in mind when I first saw this white retro Bop Chair is as a electronic games furniture piece. Two or three of these in a gaming room or bedroom will make cool seats for gamers battling dragons or racing cars through the streets of Liberty City.

Alternatively, the Bop Chair will make a complimentary addition to a modernist interior where luxury but simple style is required. The round swivel chair is upholstered in a bright white vinyl which adds a space-age feel and shape to the overall look. The leather texture of the vinyl provides both comfort and style. It’s also padded which provides a well proportioned and comfortable modernist chair. At the bottom is a strong chrome-steel base reminiscent of a trumpet shape.

This Bop Chair will look good in a wide variety of interiors from a living room and games room through to a contemporary bedroom and bohemian home study. If you’re of an agile nature, you can pull up and cross your legs whilst reading an engrossing novel or magazine.

You can read more about this chair and see a variety of pictures here: The Bop Chair.

By the way, it costs $448.