Tired of crafting and creating on a table you have to keep clearing away for other things? This white Project Center Table is the answer and is ideal for those of us who love to craft, sculpt, embroider, paint, fix, and sew, amongst other things. It’s designed especially for creative minded people who need to store their tools and equipment without having to move too far from the scene of focus. The large surface area provides plenty of space for all sorts of activities.

Arts and crafts tables come in all shapes and sizes but frequently they can be quite basic and still require you to have storage space elsewhere. This project center craft table comes with inbuilt shelving and cabinets which allow you to place your craft tools in adjustable shelves. The overall look of the table is enhanced with these features and makes the furniture piece both highly functional and attractive to look at in its own right. The craft table is strong, sturdy and has a professional ambiance to it. If art, craft, sewing etc are important hobbies (or even careers) in your life then this table will soon become irreplaceable.

You can buy it from here: White Project Center Table.

Assembly is required but from previous reviews this does not seem to be problematic at all.