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In sculptural terms, a ‘bust’ is a representation of a person’s head and shoulders, be they your late grandmother or a famous artist, politician or Greek philosopher. The bust I will write about today is that of a white plaster bust of William Shakespeare, the famous English poet and playwright. I’m a writer and poet myself and thus appreciate the works and the resulting inspiration, that the greats from the past can bestow upon modern writers. What better catalyst for creative literature than the Bard himself?

This white plaster bust of William Shakespeare is hand sculpted by artists based in the United States. The bust has then been cast in resin whilst attached to the stand you see in the image below the bust itself. The impressive sculptural bust of William Shakespeare shows precise detailing such as with the flowing locks of the hair as well as the clothing that was worn in Shakespearean England. A knowledgeable and refined face brings this William Shakespeare bust to life and portrays the Stratford-upon-Avon-born playwright with an air of creative pride.

There are few writers and poets in history who come close to the fame William Shakespeare has garnered over the centuries since his life and death. People in all corners of the globe are familiar with the name and works of the man who is often referred to as ‘England’s national poet’. This white plaster bust of William Shakespeare will therefore make a sophisticated decorative addition to your work desk or home library shelf. If, like me, you dabble in creative writing, then this bust of Shakespeare will act as inspiration for your work as well as a patient and watchful guide to your inner creativity.

If you have kids and are trying to cultivate their interest in historical literature then this white plaster bust of William Shakespeare will make a nice classroom addition for homeschoolers. Children love visual stimulation and are naturally attracted to faces. This Shakespeare bust will help them grow to love the many rich works written by the Bard of Avon as well as other English writers such as Chaucer, Spenser and Gower.

You can buy this Shakespeare bust from the following location: White Plaster Bust of William Shakespeare.

Price: $135