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A white room divider generally makes a sensible addition to a room which is light in color and tone. If the walls are white and the interior receives a lot of sunlight, then a dark divider will add heaviness and awkwardness to the atmosphere. This white cedar wood room divider is an attractive alternative which will compliment a light interior during all seasons and in correlation with most design schemes.

Handmade from solid cedar wood, the Nantucket-style painted room divider will make a pleasing addition to a large interior. It can be used to create smaller zones in a spacious living room or alternatively as an area of gentle privacy in a bedroom. As well as privacy and spacial contemplations, the divider can also act as a cover for unsightly areas of a room such as where unavoidable wiring is located. In Summer, the white screen can be placed across a large window in order to keep the sun out of the interior, instead of using curtains or blinds.

The white cedar room divider has been stained in a washed soft white and has the same finish on both sides. The slightly weathered effect adds a character to the divider which will suit a wide range of interior décor styles and schemes. Basically, it looks older than it really is and highlights an East Asian ambiance that compliments the traditional wooden furniture pieces of the West.

You can buy this divider from here: White Cedar Room Divider.

Price: $625