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Germans are known for their love of musical mechanical clocks so it’s no surprise that this eye-catching Whistling Clock Peddler figure is made in Germany. The clothes that the clock peddler figure wears such as the brown Lederhosen also point to the southern German and Austrian regions famed for such costumes. If you’re looking for a mechanical musical clock with historical and cultural character, then this whistling clock peddler figure is ideal.

The figure of the clock peddler is entirely hand carved and painstakingly painted which is shown in the quality of the piece. As I know first hand from living in Germany myself, the Germans are extremely precise and perfection orientated. Inside the whistling clock peddler figure are tiny bellows that push air through an automated slide whistle with multiple pitches. This produces the complex tune that is thus heard. As the peddler whistles, his head also moves from side to side.

The German themed whistling clock peddler is the very embodiment of mechanical musical instruments that have been merged with a clock to form a fascinating and original clock piece. Below the clock that the peddler figure holds is a swinging pendulum which combined with the movement of the peddler’s head, provides a variety of dynamic parts to this visual treat. As well as this, the music played is precise in its articulation as well as intricate and complete.

For anyone like myself who has a fondness for German and Austrian culture as well as a love for intricate and decorative mechanical clocks that play music, then this whistling clock peddler figure which has been beautifully hand painted and carved will make an excellent addition to your home. It’s certainly going to provide a wonderful talking point for visiting guests.

You can read more about this figurative mechanical clock as well as view purchasing details from the following location: Whistling Clock Peddler.

It’s 15 inches in height.