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More often than not, spare surface space in the kitchen is something we could do with more of. This is especially so when cooking meals for guests or many children. Kitchen carts provide a great alternative to installing further cupboards, counter-tops and expensive units. They are also highly manoeuvrable and can be placed out of the way when not directly in use. One of my personal favorites is the butcher block kitchen cart.

These kitchen carts add an extra work surface to the kitchen upon which you can do most of the work you can on a normal counter surface. You can slice bread, make cakes, flavor meats and drop a huge dollop of ice-cream into your bowl on top of these butcher block kitchen carts. As well as this, most offer storage space and various racks for items such as tea towels, cutlery, kitchen utensils, wine bottles, drinking glasses, food stuffs and tin cans. All extremely helpful when you need your ingredients and items close to hand without having to traipse to another part of the kitchen.

double-door-butcher-block-kitchen-cartYou can read much more about the benefits and styles of the butcher block kitchen cart on the following page linked to below. There you can also find information for buying the best kitchen carts for your particular kitchen.

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