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Home office conversions are more popular than ever. You may need a home office because of a crossover to working part-time, or it could be a full-time career change. Working at home has its distinct advantages, but you may have to make some adaptations to the flooring in your home office.

If you have hardwood throughout your home, then this would work perfectly for a home office. If your preference is for mid-century modern and you love shag carpeting, then this definitely would not work as your office floor. Every room in your home has to tie into the other ones. This means no industrial gray commercial grade carpeting in that home office!

What’s In Your Home Office?

The basics of the home office will include: An office desk, an office chair with wheels, a computer, a filing cabinet, and all-in-one printer/scanner/copier, a home network, a phone, and a few cables or two. The only thing movable in that list is the wheeled office chair. Some chair wheels may create damage on your floor so if you’re in doubt about that, then place a chair mat down right away. Office desks can also be heavy, as can full filing cabinets. Think about the weight that’s to be placed on your office floor.

Types Of Flooring

If one of your goals for your home office flooring is that it lasts a long time and looks great real hardwood is a top contender. Engineered hardwood will come in a close second. You can’t beat these two for longevity and quality. Some hardwoods are exotic, but that’s not really needed for an office because you’re covering it all up with your desk and chair and other things, anyway. Soft coverings like carpets, or carpet tiles, or some forms of cork flooring, often will not stand the wear and tear of a work environment so they will not work for an office. There are newer varieties of cork which will work which are more robust. This is also a very renewable source for flooring because cork oak trees are not killed when the cork is harvested.

Oh, That Laminate!

The subject of laminate is often brought up when anyone talks about flooring. Cheap laminate is not a good thing to have on your office floor. It can sound hollow and if you’re rolling around on it all the time, a person in the room beneath you, could be driven crazy. I am not fond of laminate in any case, but it can be quite reasonably priced and if you have padding underneath it, then the hollowness will more than likely go away. Today’s laminate is much better than kinds that homeowners used to be able to get. I suppose it depends on the quality of laminate but it’s quite low on my list of choices for a home office floor. If you do choose laminate, check the box to see if it’s free from VOCs, these can cause reactions in the chemically sensitive.

Mysterious Substances

If you bought a home that’s a few years old, then some of your flooring could be a total mystery. It’s always good to know what you’re stepping on and breathing in, so getting an expert to determine what’s underneath your feet can be a good idea. If you’re unsure of what your flooring is, and you don’t like the look of it anyway, then have someone install another kind of flooring or you can do yourself, also. If you’re busy in your home office and even if you’re a financial wizard, flooring design and structure and use may escape you. An option is to call in a designer and tell them that you want to use the room for a home office, and ask them what they would recommend.

Two final points:

1.evaluate how your home office will look in the rest of your house. If it’s closed off then it may not need to have the same flooring that the rest of the house has.

2. the flooring has to fit the furniture (if you’ve got it already) or the furniture has to fit the floor. If, for instance, you have an exquisite executive cherry computer desk then its unlikely that a cork tile floor is going to do it justice.

Having said that, function and not form is the main goal for your home office. If you have everything you need there, and the equipment works smoothly, and the flooring is functional as well as pretty, then all the better and that’s a bonus!

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