One common point of confusion I’ve come across in the bedroom design world is the definition of a high riser bed. Some claim this style to be a bed that is raised off the ground and has storage potential underneath. However, this is merely a Captain’s bed. Other people assume it is a bed that helps the elderly or infirm to get out of bed in the morning. Not so, there varieties are usually termed as adjustable beds.

So what exactly is a high riser bed and what can it be used for? Well, it’s basically a second bed frame that comes as part of an existing daybed or regular bed. Known also as a ‘pop-up trundle bed‘, the second frame can be pulled from under the main frame to create a further mattress base. This allows for a double bed to be formed and is ideal for bedrooms which are lacking in space. When not in use, the second frame can be neatly tucked away under the main single bed.

Some high riser beds come with built in mattresses which negate the need to add a separate mattress you might have. Other more cheaper versions come with just the framework. When buying a high riser it is important to note the various options regarding this. The majority of these beds use a spring leaver system which is very easy to utilise and requires no back breaking effort and exertion.