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Rice cookers have been popular in Asia for over 30 years but are only just gain popularity in the West. The benefits of a rice cooker for families who like rice, are huge. Rice is a wonderful accompaniment to many dishes and is integral to others, especially those of Asian origin. These means an electric rice cooker is a great alternative to the regular saucepan, the latter of which can often be a hit and miss affair.

Zojirushi-5cup-rice-cooker-warmerHome cooking can often lead rice turning out soggy, sticky, too dry or in quantities one would not have truly wished for. All these problems are solved by an electric rice cooker. There are a variety of these appliances on the market but most come with between 5 and 10 cup capacities. These are ideal for the average needs of a typical American family and are perfect for measuring the correct amounts of rice required.

A rice cooker heats the rice using steam and constant heat. The appliance is sealed so steam cannot escape and inside, a thermostat keeps the temperature at a constant level. In most cases, the rice cooker will have a specially designed lid which will allow condensation to be diverted away from the rice, thereby reducing sogginess. After the rice is cooked, the electric rice cooker will maintain a certain temperature through the use of a ‘warm’ function. This keeps the rice warm and maintains its taste.

rice-cooker-steamer-10-cupMany rice cookers, in fact, nearly all, have a special feature which automatically switches the cooker to a “warm” setting once the rice is cooked. Sensors alert the application to the changes in temperature inside thus meaning you can leave the rice cooker to take care of things throughout the entire heating process. The rice can also be kept heated for up to 12 hours which means you can keep it warm overnight.

The whole process is really as simple as adding water and rice, closing and locking the lid and then pressing a button.

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