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My second favourite tree after the oak is the weeping willow. Its distinctive shape and delicate form make it a favourite amongst poets and artists and as such it is no surprise that the picturesque tree should be seen incorporated into home decorative items such as these golden willow oval planters in white. The weeping willow tree silhouette is clear to see on the side of the planters and will add a pleasant touch to the overall scene in which they’ll be located.

The weeping willow tree can now be found worldwide but was originally from the dry areas of northern China. It then spread to other parts of Asia before finding itself in Europe via the old and famous trading routes known as the Silk Road. It was then taken to the Americas by European settlers. Willow trees are, like most other tree species, often cultivated for their timber which is used for making furniture, building parts and wicker baskets. In art, the artist Monet is probably most famous for his beautiful depictions of the weeping willow whilst in movies, the willow tree is often portrayed as a place for romantic encounters to happen under, or close by to.

These weeping willow themed planters in the shape of ovals are perfect for the storing of house plants in any interior space in the home. They can be situated in a prominent position somewhere in your living room, dining room or master bedroom where they can not only be a functional accessory for your plants well-being but add a decorative element to the scene in their own right. They will look great in a bathroom too which is often lacking in plant life. Located near to a bath, they will provide an excellent backdrop to those relaxing moments soaking after a long hard day at work.

You can buy these porcelain planters here: Weeping Willow Tree Themed Oval Planters.

The golden willow silhouettes have been hand painted.