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A rustic wooden lantern for the wall can serve as an illuminating and aesthetically attractive item for just about any interior in the home. I’ve always loved weathered wooden accessories for the interior, whether these have been small decorative items or large furniture pieces. This pine wood lantern is just such an example and is made for the placement of a standard pillar candle within.

Interior and exterior based lanterns come in all shapes, sizes, materials and forms. However, in my view, little beats the rustic charm of a wooden lantern hanging on a hallway, living room or bathroom wall. The flickering flame of a candle provides natural accent lighting that few electrical equivalents can match. When the main room lights are turned down low and the flame of a candle is in full flow, the ambiance and appeal of a room can rise dramatically, especially during romantic, seasonal or religious events and evenings.

The weathered pine wood lantern as seen in the picture above is very much in a traditional style and will look lovely in a classical or rural and rustic décor arrangement. The lantern is constructed of pine wood, glass and wrought iron, the latter of which has been given an old-world charm. Inside the lantern is a hurricane-style candle holder which will prevent any unfortunate accidents and reduce the possibility of drafts blowing the candle out. This is a delightful wooden feature for a wide range of home décor styles and can be hung from a wall fitting or alternatively, from the ceiling.

You can buy it from here: Weathered Pine Wood Pillar Candle Lantern.

Scandinavian washed natural wood.