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Copper as a material for the home is one you either love or hate. Some households adore copper accent pieces such as vases, canisters and candlesticks which adorn the mantel. In older days, copper was actually seen as a positive symbol of wealth and status and this indeed caries through to the modern day somewhat. The material is now seen more in outdoor objects such as garden ornaments but can also add a marvellous touch to the interior of a room. The following points focus on the various copper options you can add to the inside of your home.

Copper Lighting

Most types of lighting can be found in a copper material and these include pendant lights, wall sconces and table lamps. The benefit copper gives to lighting is the way the metal catches the light and adds its own unique and shimmering quality to the décor of the room. Copper lighting fixtures can be placed in any room in the home but they’re likely to look best in a living room and dining room. (Buy the lamp in the picture here: Beanpot Table Lamp).

Copper Pipes

Copper is an attractive looking material and its brownish-orange nature offers a more appealing color to many than cold and mundane steel. This makes it a great alternative when considering the installing of new pipe work and other related plumbing. Copper finishes allow for cheaper purchasing possibilities. Copper faucets in beautifully ornate and swan-like designs can really add style and substance to a kitchen or bathroom.

Copper Sinks and Baths

One of the largest copper items you can place in your home is a copper bathtub. Be warned, they are very expensive, as you might imagine. However, they look stunning and in a suitable bathroom décor scheme they will be the perfect match. For most people, copper sinks will be a more viable option when it comes to adding the material to a kitchen or bathroom. The sinks come in a variety of designs and shapes, making it relatively easy to find one to suit the dimensions and scheme of the interior. Some even come with patterns and motifs. (Looking to buy a copper sink? Check out Artesano Copper Sinks).

Copper Range Hoods

Kitchen range hoods are air ventilation systems which are placed over the main cooking appliance in the food preparation room. Depending on the décor theme of the kitchen, a copper range hood can bring a stunning feature to the space and will match and compliment other smaller items such as copper pots, pans and storage items. They look particular good with surrounding yellow-brown color schemes.

These are just a few of the possible uses for copper in the home. Others include the addition of copper decorative accents such as picture frames, animal sculptures, wall tiles, indoor lanterns, old musical instruments, plates and trinkets. All will bring a distinctive shine and shimmer to the space in which it is placed.