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Germany is green, very green. From my time living in Berlin I came to realise and respect the enormous lengths Germans go to when recycling and trying to improve the environment. Thus it came as no surprise to read about the latest German eco endeavour regarding recycled furniture parts.

“Zweitsinn” which is German for a purpose or second meaning, is a collection of waste companies, designers and small German manufacturers that are supported by the University of Dortmund and the government foundation, DBU. Their aim is to help the environment by recycling products into usable items of furniture such as chairs, tables and chests.

Their website even has statistics showing how much CO2 was saved due to their actions and compare how much waste would have been produced if the furniture pieces had been built from scratch using new materials.

Many of Zeitsinn’s products were presented at the Colognes IMM 2009 (the International Furnishings Show) in January.

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