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The toilet brush and accompanying toilet brush holder are two necessities every bathroom needs. Design wise, they are perfectly functional yet few are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are not really meant to be either as their job is to clean the inside of the toilet bowl and not to look attractive. However, little improvements in design can be made everywhere and thus the wall mounted toilet brush holder in stainless steel comes into the picture as seen below.

The floor of the bathroom, especially around the toilet apparatus can be an unpleasant area especially if you have young male kids in the home who have a propensity to miss their aiming spot. It is therefore nicer and more hygienic to have the toilet brush and toilet brush holder above the level of the floor if only a few inches off the ground. This means an easier toilet brush holder to clean which can be accessed without having to bend down so far.

Another situation where this type of toilet brush holder comes in very useful is if you have trouble with mobility and bending down any great distance. For people with back problems or frailty, cleaning the toilet brush holder can be a difficult chore. Instead, this wall mounted toilet brush holder can be attached to the wall at a level that is easy to reach. An ideal place is on the wall directly behind the toilet, perhaps level or just below the toilet seat.

The stainless steel canister of the wall mounted toilet brush holder means the brush inside is well hidden and is also due to the nature of the material, is also very easy to clean. It just looks nicer than a cheap plastic holder you see everywhere else.

You can find this steel toilet brush holder here: Wall Mounted Toilet Brush Holder.