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I am thinking very much of getting one of these stainless steel grocery bag holders that attach to the wall. One of my kitchen cupboards is half filled with plastic shopping bags of one color or another and I feel visually robbed every time I open the door. I don’t like to throw things away especially when environmental concerns are ever present. However, I never seem to find time to take them to a recycling plant and in time they get forgotten about and remain crunched up gathering dust. Familiar?

That’s why this wall mounted grocery bag holder looks like the perfect accessory for my kitchen and is certainly the next purchase I will make. The holder can contain 30 standard-size plastic grocery bags at a time and is space efficient meaning it will not take up too much wall area wherever it is placed. Empty grocery bags are simply tucked into the upper opening when finished with and then later pulled out as needed from its wide dispensing area on the front. The brushed stainless steel together with the strong black plastic material combination, provide it a stylish and trendy look.

The grocery bag holder can be attached to the wall in any location you so wish. It will be particularly useful in a kitchen, laundry room, pantry, or utility room. Basically, wherever you tend to unload the shopping. It can be attached to the wall vertically or horizontally, perhaps under a kitchen cupboard or even inside a utility room cabinet. It’s so discrete and unimposing in appearance that it can even be situated in a hallway or next to the back entrance of the home if that’s where shopping is unloaded.

You can buy it from here: Wall Mount Grocery Bag Holder.

Recycle! Great for the environment.