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Wall mounted bottle openers are a handy accessory to acquire for a kitchen or home bar area. Most are simple screw-in fixtures which adorn a regular wall or wooden bar surface. The bottle cap whether of a beer or soda bottle is basically wedged under the opener and pried open with a sharp tugging movement. A mounted version does away with the need for hand-held openers which can easily become lost or misplaced. It’s also a little bit more stylish.

A multitude of wall mounted bottle openers can be found online in a variety of shapes, sizes and themes. There are openers with trademark names such as Guinness and Budweiser whilst others are in the shape of gargoyles and animal heads. Most are pretty small in appearance so they will not detract from the overall ambiance of a room but they are more than likely to add a touch of interest to a section of the kitchen or home bar.

Most are made from cast iron which is a strong and durable material. Depending on the theme of your interior, there is an opener to suit all styles and tastes. You can discover a whole host of them on the following page which goes into more detail about the various bottle openers that can be found and also showcases some of the more interesting wall mounted versions.

Visit: Wall Mounted Bottle Openers.