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Have you ever wished you could fill a particular empty wall with an array of beautiful indoor plants? Now you can with the Wally Three Woolly Pockets that are a wall-based solution for growing plants just about anywhere you can imagine that is vertical in nature. Whether outdoors, or more importantly, indoors, the woolly pockets provide a perfectly natural habitat for most species of plants.

Instead of trying to fix bulky, heavy and rather unsightly plant boxes to an interior wall, these woolly pockets can be easily attached to a wall with the included screws and fasteners. You don’t have to worry about extra heavy fixtures damaging your wall and the whole process really is as simple as hanging up a painting.

The result of a functioning wally woolly pocket or three (or more) will be a tremendously lush and beautiful garden growing up your interior wall with seemingly effortless grace. The waterproof pockets provide space for soil as well as the plants themselves. These pockets are made from recycled plastic water bottles and in-built breath-ability removes the need for drainage.

The pockets also come with an ingenious watering system involving special tongues. Indoor Wally’s moisture barrier creates a reservoir, allowing Wally’s tongue to continue wicking water to the plant’s roots. The barrier conserves water and helps to keep soil’s nutrition in the Pocket. This prevents over watering and contributes to healthy plants.

The Wally Three Woolly Pockets are available in various different colors and can be put together with more of the same kind to build an even bigger wall-based indoor garden. The final effect will be a beautiful forest of plants that seemingly grow out of the wall. You can see the possible effect you can achieve in the picture above.

You can buy these pockets from here: Wally Three – Woolly Pocket.

Height = 15 inches
Length = 68 inches
Volume = 1.20 cubic feet