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As regular readers will know, I am a cat lover and have a penchant for decorative items for the home featuring cats. That’s why when I saw this wagging cat tail pendulum clock I knew I had to write about it. Dotted around the walls in my home are pictures and images of cats but none are in the form of this round antique style black cat pendulum clock which has all the character a feline fanatic could hope for. The cat’s face smiles knowingly at admiring eyes.

wagging-cat-tail-pendulum-wall-clockFor pet lovers, this wagging cat tail pendulum clock will make an excellent wall accessory for various styles of interior themes and décor, especially those with an old worldly or country cottage nature. An ageing effect adds a nice touch to the aesthetically pleasing wall clock which will compliment and merge with most types of wall color of a light nature. Due to the black wagging cat tail pendulum, it’s probably best not to place it on darker walls as the moving tail will be camouflaged.

This decorative wagging cat tail pendulum wall clock will add a touch of warmth and comfort to a cat lover’s home whilst at the same time providing a perfectly functional time piece. If you have a lot of cat decor and books, then this cat pendulum clock is likely to fit right into the mix. Hopefully your present pet cats won’t get too jealous of you continuously peering at this new visitor with the moving tail. Brown metal hands mean the time will be clearly visible when they are over the black and the white parts of the circular wall clock.

You can buy this cat wall clock from this location: Wagging Cat Tail Pendulum Clock.

Price: $46.95